Teddi art sculptor

Magnús Theodór Magnússon

Many of Teddi's sculptures are still available for sale.

Teddi’s reputation as an artist has risen rapidly in recent years and his sculptures have awoken people’s interests both in Iceland and abroad. Teddi’s artwork has been displayed in Cuxhaven in Germany, Arukas in Spain, Halifax and the Faeroe Islands and his work is owned by many institutions, can be found in private collections and is even owned by heads of states. He has taken part in many group exhibitions and his work has been displayed in art books.

Teddi's Resources.

Teddi has chosen wood as his material. Tree of life from various places, that has a different texture, colour and shape. From driftwood that only few if any sees value for its practicality to expensive African ibenholt. The wood comes all corners of the world and brings us a message from there. We can observe the works from red ironwood from Malawi, Danish willow that a former Prime Minister Tryggvi Gunnarsson brought to Iceland to grow in the parliament garden around 1900, Elm from the Swedish embassy garden, tree-bobs from old fishing gears from the Westfjords, and the interplay of mahogny and copper from a fishing boat propeller. Look at Teddi's recent artwork in this Collection's 2014 .

MAGNÚS TH. MAGNÚSSON. Naustabryggja 18 - 110 Reykjavík.
Telephone: (354) 853 9953. Email: teddi(a)teddi.net