Teddi art sculptor

Magnús Theodór Magnússon

Many of Teddi's sculptures are still available for sale.


The twentieth century has often been classified as that of the art critics more than that of the artists themselves. Teddi is one of the really free artists who do not allow themselves to be dictated to the opinion of others. His work is the product of his own imagination, original in concept and execution. His artistic studies were not long. As a young man however Teddi worked with graphics and printing and realized there his eye for forms and art. Artists should find their own way through the school of life, the best thing is to study the work of other artists and have the courage to evaluate it independently, to select and discard with an open mind. TEDDI is a fiery soul, full of vitality and creative zest. For years he sailed the seven seas, visiting the most far-flung corners of the globe, trying his hand at various methods of artistic expression before coming to rest in front of the very Tree of Life, the mythical Yggdrasill, which extends its branches all over the world. Ever since, wood has been the material out of which he has fashioned his works. In this Nordic symbol of life, he found his place and hour in existence

In a letter to Teddi, Richard von Weizsäcker, former president of the Federal Republic of Germany, says: "It is not my intention to compare the form, both esthetic and expressive of your work, to my delight in your country, however, the work always reminds me of the marvelous time I spent in your beautiful land. Both the meaning of the work and its title are a constant reminder of the obligations imposed by my daily work". This work, which is the property of Mr. Weizsäcker, carries the name "Gott samlíf" (Peaceful Coexistence). The material for this piece of sculpture was found by Teddi in Caracas in Venezuela. The artist, who adopted his childhood nickname as his professional name, was born in the western part of Reykjavík on 8 January 1935 and grew up here. He is among the city's more colourful personalities.

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