In Teddi's artwork can be found lines and feelings that are close to being the primeval power of art or the primitive need of art for mankind. Some of his work is reminscent of an ancient, 5,000 year old culture. It is as if the materials of the artwork embody time, age and experience that reflects the age and experience of the artist himself. The wood is not fit for the creative process until it has gathered enough tree rings, and has its own story to tell, wether it has drifted aimlessly around the seven seas or stood for decades as part of the pier at Reykjavik harbour. Decades of experience and a lifetime call for a new form, purpose or life. Teddi uses his sense of form as well as his knowledge from the print shop to find and create a new course in wood or metal. An old and broken propeller from a wreck in Skerjafjordur is given new life as a coppersculpture in an artwork, in the same way as art itself has perhaps called Teddi to work after his own possible shipwreck when he had sailed the seven seas for too long.

Teddi is an old school adventure at heart and his choice of material bears witness to his worldview. In his work one cannot only find driftwood and pieces of old piers but also materials like purpurahjarta from Chile, mahogany and different types of oak. In a few works of art ironwood from Africa meets Icelandic rhyolite.

This was Teddi’s sixth private exhibition at the Pearl as well as being his 16th large exhibition.

Teddi´s creativity reflects in his work. He is outspoken, unnerved and keeps all his cards on the table. He's not bound by theories or specific lines of thought and seems not to wonder about conventionality and what is allowed, he is not afraid to experiment. He does not tie himself down with specific methods but is constantly searching, in his aluminium sculptures he is even further away from the primary creations, as they are cut by a laser beam programmed by the artist.

In Teddi's work one can find finesse and sensitivity mixed with a rawer and less sophisticated metaphors and even humorous capers, like the false teeth which were stuck to a hollow box made out of marble at the 2002 exhibition. The "Insurance Expert" was the name of the piece, cold on the outside, hollow on the inside. The names cover a similar sphere. A Russian root from Siberia has been turned into a sculpture called "Conscience"; arch shaped lines in another piece call for the name, "Deep Sea Fish" while a much sharper form calls for the name," An Aggressive Politician". However, everyone should find something in Teddi's work that pleases the eye. If that does not work one should close the eyes and feel the form. His work may be touched.

    Andri Snær Magnason

List of works in public collections:

Richard von Weizsäcker,former President of the Federal Republic of Germany
Künstlerhaus í Cuxhaven
Slökkvistöðin í Boston
Seamans Mission í Boston
Reykjavíkurborg, Ráðhús Reykjavíkur
Slökkvistöð Reykjavíkur
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Landsbanki Íslands
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Visa Ísland

Samskip hf.
Eimskip hf.
Verkamannafélagið Dagsbrún
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Ferðaskrifstofan Úrval – Útsýn
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